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What to expect from our blog?

Honestly, I don't know.  I'm going to address questions that I'm asked frequently as they relate to the charter or fishing.  If you have a fishing, boating, or marine area question, drop me a line and I'll try and come up with a blog post because the one thing I will confidently say is "if you've got a question, twenty other people have the same one".  I want to keep things related to fishing and the charter business, but I'm not afraid to touch on topics that stray from the business for example the first series of blogs is about fishing in Canada.  Not something we offer as a business (yet), but it's something I'm familiar with.  That being said, if you have questions about Orca, I recomend following other naturalists who blog about them already.  They are going to have a much more indepth response.

I'm Going to Come Clean. 

I don't know everything about fishing.  There are tons of people who know more and diffrent styles and ways to success and I too am a student. Because often times what was hot yesterday, isn't hot today, I have to learn, research and experiment and try new things so my clients can be successful.  I can't be stagnant, I have to adapt for my clients, but that's part of the joy for me and when I get something that resembles success, I'm excited and I'm happy to share and I usually do so with a little humor and sarcasm.  I'm not as secretive as I once was and have found much more joy in sharing and seeing other people succeed, that's why I charter.  That being said, I still have some tricks up my sleeve you won't see unless you hire me.

Please Don't Get Mad

Rememeber, when I write about fishing, I'm writing about what works or doesn't work for me.  Sometimes my advice is followed to the T and it doesn't produce.  There are so many intricate factors that play into success rates.  Some things that are often overlooked are leader brands, because some have a similar tensile strength with different diameter that will move your bait or lure just a smidge diffrently, sarcasm, moon phase, tide vs current or the simple fact that I fish very comfortably in aluminum boats which throw a charge occasionally where as fiberglass tends to be neutral or you're using braid and I'm using steel on my downriggers.  All these little things add up and factor in and are often not discussed in the particular article you read.  Fear not, I promise you I didn't lie, but something is different that's changing your success rate and I encourage you to play with things and experiment.  Use my experiences as a base and make success your own, that's one of the biggest joys of fishing!

Too Late,  You're Pissed!

For those of you who get upset or offended over what you see on the internet, I'm sure right about now your thinking "damn, this guys a sarcastic wind bag."  If you don't like what you're reading, move on.  Don't troll me or harrass me.  It's bad karma and I will hex you with fishing buddies who bring bananas, cats requiring endless attention before fishing trips and endless empty fish holds.  This is for entertainment while bringing light to certain subjects, it is not a place for you to project your miserable life onto me. 
Captain Andy

Tutorials With Sarcasm and Humor

​​"Why start a blog"?
I'm not exactly sure.  Recently I was asked some questions repeatedly and as I grew tired of repeating myself, I thought "Man, it would be really cool if there was some kind of log on the Web where you could write tutorials so I could just send people to the answer rather than explain this stuff twenty times", and then the Mr. Fix It part of my personality kicked in at 2am and I figured "I could build one."  After three minutes of insomniac research it seems that I was not only reinventing the wheel, there's an easy application on our website with templates that I can add to that make this process fairly simple.  What I didn't expect was how much I would enjoy it and I hope I continue with adding stories and tutorials even during the busy season.  I know that's ambitious, so don't be surprised if you don't see much during the fishing season, clients come first, but I'll try.  Just one warning, If you haven't noticed in the above, I use a lot of sarcasm not to offend, but to bring ease and humor to subjects that I've noticed people may find challenging or are unsure of, or something that I found I was making harder than it needed to be (more often the case).  If you're easily offended, this blog might not be for you. 
So with that I encourage you to sit back, relax, read and enjoy our first series that dives into the ins and outs of legally fishing in Canada as a US citizen.  

Heavy, Happy Hauling!
Captain Andy

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