San Juan Island Fishing Charters
Come fish the beautiful San Juans with us
Lingcod Charters
Salmon Charters
Season is January 1st through April or until quota is met and July 1st through end of September 
trips run 4 to 5 hours.

$199 per person - parties of 1 to 3 anglers   *, **

$189 per person - parties of 4 to 6 anglers   *, **

Please call for availability and pricing if you would prefer a full day salmon fishing trip.
Season starts May 1st and ends June 15th.  Trips run 4 to 5 hours.

$199 per person - parties of 1 to 3 anglers *, **
$189 per person - parties of 4 to 6 anglers *, **

Wildlife and Photography Tours
Halibut Charters
Call for scheduling and availability.  Trips are combined with bottomfishing. 

$275 per person *,**
7-8 hours

2019 dates are =
May 2, 4, 9, 11, 18, 24, 26

Scheduling available between May and September.  Trips are 2.5 to 3 hours.

pricing is per boat @ $895 *

Private Charters and Taxi Service
Family Friendly Bottom Fishing
Prices vary based on request and are availble January through September for up to 6 passengers.  Please call for pricing and scheduling. 

Let us help you create and prepare the experience you are looking for.
Scheduling available May through September.  Trips run 4 to 5 hours

$199 per person - parties of 1 to 3 anglers *,**

$189 per person - parties of 4 to 6*,**

$179 per persor under 15 years old *,**

Additional Charter Information

The following information applies to all charters we offer.

We prefer payment be made with cash.  We use your credit card as a "place holder".  Beginning in January 2019, we will add a convenience fee of 3.75% to all credit card payments as well as require a deposit at the time of booking.  
*  Tax, gratuity, convenience fee, and fishing license fees are not included in prices noted above.  Prices are good through
 January 1, 2019.

**  All anglers are required to have a fishing license. For your convenience, licenses can be purchased on the boat for $10.50 or at Kings Marine in advance of the trip

​​Booking Process
​To book a trip please call us. Once we have established we have availability in our schedule, we require a deposit to be paid to finalize your booking.  At the completion of the booking we will send you a confirmation email.   We will not hold a spot without the deposit being paid.  There are no exceptions to this policy, we do not hold trips for any reason.  Please follow the booking process to ensure you are on the schedule.  
​Destination Pickup
We do offer destination pickups however, it requires both a private full boat booking and additional surcharge of $100 to be paid at the time of booking.  All remote locations will be assessed the additional $100 surcharge.  This includes Roche and Snug Harbors on San Juan Island.  It is recommended that if you're staying on San Juan Island you arrange to meet at the boat at the Port of Friday Harbor.

Mixed Open Boat
This is our most popular and economical form of booking.  We limit the boat to four anglers.  If you are a party of one, two, or three, we will keep the boat open for additional anglers, but limit the group size to 4 plus captain and crew.  If you have a party of 4 or more, you will get the boat to yourself.

Fuel Surcharge
Due to fluctuating fuel costs, we reserve the right to add a fuel surcharge.  We do our best to advertise current prices and in the event of a surcharge, we will communicate this before leaving the dock.

​If you are also planning on taking a whale watch trip in addition to fishing charter.  Book your fishing trip first.​  There are a limited amount of fishing charter services thoughout the islands and we base the trips around tides to give you optimal fishing opportunity.  Because of the number of whale watch charters, it will be much easier to book a whale watch trip around your fishing charter rather than the other way around. 

Single Anglers
All trips require a minimum of two clients.  We are happy to book singles but if there are no additional bookings on the day of your charter, the trip will be cancelled and your deposit refunded, unless you are willing to pay for two spots.  If you are visiting during the summer, please have multiple dates available so that we can do our best to try and fit you on an appropiately filled boat.

​​​​​Cancellation Policy 
Trips booked during the months of June, July, August and September as well as halibut trips are subject to a cancellation fee of $89.50 per person. 

Any trip canceled within 3 days (year round) of departure is charged full price unless we can fill your spots.  If we can fill your spots you will only be charged $89.50 per person.

trips must be canceled within 120 days of when they were booked to be eligible for a full refund on deposit.  

Any trip cancelled by San Juan Fishing Charters will not be charged to the guests and deposits will be refunded. 

Parties of 3
If you book a trip for 3 anglers and choose to not book a private boat please keep in mind you are not paying for the boat, you are paying for three spots. I will reach out to single interested anglers.  If you wish to have the boat to yourselves, you must book at least 4 anglers or book the entire boat.  There are no exceptions to this policy. 

What to Bring

Along with our knowledgeable staff, we provide a well maintained vessel with a cabin to get out of the elements as well as a portable heater durring the winter for those cold days on the water.  The vessel has a small head on board for emergency purposes.  We also take care of the fishing gear and tackle, but you may want to bring some additional items to make your trip just a bit more comfortable.
Below is a small list of items you may find useful.
rain gear, sunscreen, warm jacket, camera, phone charger, food and beverages of your liking (NO HARD ALCOHOL)
please bring your own personal waterbottle 
You are expected to carry some form of legal identification on you at all times.

What NOT to Bring
NO PETS  of any kind
NO MARIJUANA, NO HARD ALCOHOL, and most important NO BANANAS are to be brought on the boat